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The House

The Endara Country House is located in the Sagasti Valley, three kilometres from the centre of Lezo, Guipuzkoa, and 10 minutes by car from the centre of Donostia-San Sebastián.

The house is in a peaceful countryside setting on a large piece of property adjacent to a creek.

It is the perfect place to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside within easy reach of the town and city.


The current proprietors have renovated and upgraded the property adding all the modern conveniences, while respecting the traditional farmhouse construction.


History of Endara:

The earliest recorded mention of the house dates back to 1640, when it appeared under the name Endara.

Francisco de Gaintza (1658-1739), Doctor of Theology born in Endara renamed the farmhouse after his family.

Photo Gallery – Endara Farmhouse